What are Wayuu Mochila Bags?

What are Wayuu Mochila Bags? Wayuu Mochilas are crocheted bags, handmade by an indigenous tribe that resides in the northern peninsula of South America, the Wayuu. Most of the weavers are women, but men also contribute to the making of these beautiful fashion items. For the most part, Wayuu artisans employ a wide variety of[…]

Meet the beach bag every fashion girl should own banner pink and blue

Meet the beach bags every fashion girl must own!

Wayuu beach bags tell a story When you carry a Wayuu Bag, you have a story to tell. You own a unique piece of art that was born in somebody’s dream. These beach bags are all different; no one is like another. Each Wayuu bag bears the identity of the artisan that created it. Piece[…]

Bolsos wayuu

Bolsos Wayuu. Gasas o Reatas

La Gasa de los bolsos wayuu. La Gasa, correa, tira o reata, que llevan los bolsos Wayuu, son otra muestra del tejido artesanal de esta milenaria tribu. Es tan variada en sus nombres como en los colores, diseños, tamaños y estilos que la caraterizan. Estas correas son Imprescindibles en el producto final que le está[…]

bolso wayuu

Bolso Wayuu. ¿Porqué comprarlo?

Bolso Wayuu. ¿Porqué comprarlo? La comercialización de los productos artesanales, principalmente del bolso wayuu, cobra cada vez más fuerza en todo el territorio nacional. Este incluso se ha convertido en una pieza artesanal tradicional de Colombia para el mundo. No es casual hoy día encontrar este elemento exhibido en tiendas internacionales. Llamando la atención del comprador,[…]

mochilas colombianas

Economia Wayuu y Mochilas Colombianas

Economía Wayuu y Mochilas Colombianas La base de la economía Es seguro que las mochilas colombianas wayuu hacen parte primordial de la economía mixta de la cultura wayuu. Requiere de actividades como la pesca, el pastoreo de cabras o chivos, la explotación de sal marina y el comercio. Adicinalmente, el pastoreo de chivos representa la[…]


Bolsos wayuu y otros productos artesanales

Bolsos wayuu, los más famosos, reconocidos y tradicionales artículos tejidos por la etnia wayuu. Además de sus hermosas mochilas, ahora podemos encontrar en el mercado una gran variedad de productos con las mismas características. El diseño y colorido presente en cada uno de estos artículos, son un sello de originalidad y vitalidad. Las diferentes mochilas y accesorios conservan[…]

A body of a woman displaying a red checkered shirt, a black duster, blue jeans, and black booties; paired with a grey, black and beige pattern Wayuu Bag.

Don’t be afraid of patterns! Pairing Wayuu Bags

Outfit Inspirations Don’t be afraid of patterns! Pairing Wayuu Bags Wayuu bags show incredible craftsmanship. The expertise of each craftswoman is appreciated in the elaborate unique patterns they employ to build the purses. We can talk about two major categories; Double Thread Wayuu Mochila Bags and Single Thread Wayuu Mochila Bags. First, we have Single[…]

An outfit inspiration picture collage pairing a solid color beige Wayuu Bag with a pink, blue, beige and brown arrow patterned strap with a red lacy dress, rose brown cowboy boots and dream catcher inspired earrings

Outfit Inspirations—> Pink Wayuu Bags!

Pink Wayuu Bags! Certainly, pink Wayuu Bags are beautiful delicate pieces that could be easily paired with many of your everyday outfits. Further,  pink represents women’s femininity and sweetness, it is often associated with tenderness and love.  Too, women look wonderful in pink, a color that shows the essence of a woman. Wayuu Women Most importantly for the[…]

An outfit inspiration picture collage pairing an earth-tones design Wayuu bag with triangles patterns in gray, brown, black and white paired with a short 3/4th sleeve white summer dress, a sun hat, tall gladiator sandals and a golden bracelet.

Wayuu Mochila Bags-Earth Colors-Outfit Inspirations

Wayuu Mochila Bags-Earth Colors Earth color Wayuu bags are chic, easy to accessorize and pair with your favorite wardrobe items. Wayuu Mochila Bags come in different combinations of browns, beige, black,  cream, and off-white colors. For the most part, you can wear these beautiful handbags with some simple and comfy summer dresses, interesting sandals, and[…]

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