Wayuu Bag Size and Styles

Are there Wayuu Bag Size Standards? Wayuu artisans collectively make a variety of semi-standard sizes. The most consistent size being the Large Wayuu Bags.  However,  we classified the most popular designs we have seen thus far.  Though as we know, all handmade items come with a range of variations.  Not to mention, the more detail required for the piece, the more unique it becomes. Handcrafters in La Guajira use many techniques to assure the traditional size bags do not notably vary.

Wayuu bag Size and Styles

Meanwhile, the Wayuu collectively design standard pieces, semi-consistent sizing in large amounts. Among these, we have small pieces like accessory bags to extra-large beach purses and large backpacks that could carry big loads.

What is the average size of a Wayuu Bag?

neon wayuu bags wayuu mochila bags

Indeed, the traditional Wayuu Bag Size is the Large Wayuu Mochila Bag. As an illustration, most large-size bags could easily hold a one-gallon paint can. Additionally, we found nine other recognizable sizes and styles within all the Wayuu products. Next, we will describe the approximate Wayuu Bag Size of the most popular categories.


premium mochilon

The Mochilon, known as the most massive mochila bag the Wayuu collectively make. The crochet technique on these items varies from the traditional double thread Wayuu bag. They use the Double Treble crochet technique, allowing the bucket of the bag to expand their size even more. The loose knot on these Wayuu bags makes them the perfect beach tote for towels and other soft, bulky items.

Large Wayuu Mochila Bags

neon matisse wayuu mochila bags wayuu bag

Presently, Large mochilas make part of the most popular Wayuu bags you can find on the market. Their size varies from  9 to 13 inches in diameter and depth. The straps vary between 32 y 40 inches, making them an average of 36 inches.

Medium Wayuu Mochila Bags

design medium bag

Moreover, Medium Wayuu bags have an average size of 8 inches in diameter and depth; they sit between Large size mochilas and Mini mochilas. 

Drawstring Wayuu Mochila Bags

drawstring popular button

Drawstring mochila bags varies from 12 to 14 in diameter and 13 to 15 inches in depth. The size of the double strap ranges from 16 to 18 inches.

Tablet Cases or Clutches

fuzzy clutch wayuu bags

Clutches come with or without a design round top and could measure around 13 by 7 inches. 

Accessory Bags

These accessories are smaller clutches combined with a wallet. The clutch-bag can measure nine by five inches. In addition, the coin bag is five by three inches.

Mini Mochilas

premium mini wayuu bags

Mini mochilas are beautiful and small. Their measurements range from 4 to 6 inches in diameter and 5 to 7 inches depth. The strap size varies between 32 and 40 inches with an average of 36 inches in length.

Beach Bags

wayuu beach bags

Beach bags are large tote bags with a full opening and two small straps. You can find the Single Thread Variety and the Double Thread Variety  

Flap Top Mochila Bags

jewled wayuu bag

These backpacks, the same size as a Large, are characterized by a round flap top with intricate, beautiful designs. Likewise, the measurements can vary between 9 to 13 inches in diameter and depth. Meanwhile, the straps vary between 32 and 40 inches, making them an average of 36 inches.


pompom bags wayuu bags

The Pom Pom bags are bucket bags with short handles, decorated with beautiful pom-poms. Similarly to the large bag, they vary from  9 to 13 inches in diameter and depth. Also, the straps vary between 32 and 40 inches, making them an average of 36 inches.

All in all, the Wayuu make most of these bags using other weaving techniques. Specifically, you can find large Wayuu bags made with single or double thread techniques, tapizado (hand-knotted), and in some rare cases, paleteado (hand-loomed).