5 Things to Love About a Mini Mochila Bag

Ever since I got my mini mochila bag I’ve gotten nothing but compliments. People have expressed their love for the vibrant colors, patterns, and intricate crochet designs. Not only does the mini mochila bags help the Wayuu people of Colombia, but they look amazing with almost every outfit.

The perfect bag for light carry

Whenever I go out and just want to carry my cell phone, wallet, and lipstick; I can always rely on my mini mochila bag. Many outfits I have, don’t have any pockets or the shape gets ruined if I put something in the tiny pockets. Mini mochila bags give that “pop” to your outfit while giving you plenty of space to carry your essentials.wayuu mini mochila bag

An amazing bag for every occasion

I take my mini mochila bag everywhere, hence the bag works for the beach, nightlife in the city, lunch with friends, and pretty much everywhere else. I can carry the mini mochila bag inside a bigger bag, to help organize my hectic life.

The most durable bag I have

Wayuu people hand crochet mini mochila bags using durable acrylic fibers. The process takes more than a week depending on the pattern and technique. Wayuu weavers prepare to weave throughout their lives; their excellent work will not come apart. The material of the bag allows for machine washing and the colors will be vibrant for years to come. When have you had a bag you can easily machine wash?

No one will ever have your same bag

First of all, Wayuu mochila bags are handmade items. Each artisan makes the patterns that connect them to their ancestors and their daily life. The intricate, premium patterns of a single thread mini mochila bag, make this the coolest most unique fashion item! The popular mini mochila bags go with most outfits and occasions.

A bag that helps indigenous communities

Every purchase you make helps indigenous Wayuu communities. The Wayuu depend largely upon the fashion industry to provide for their families. There is nothing cooler than a fashion bag made with lots of love and heart.

Wayuu beach bags crochet pattern wayuu bags on the beach displayed by a model in la guajira colombia

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