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About Wayuu Mochila Bags

How the Wayuu Weavers Captured our Hearts

The first Wayuu Mochila Bags was born out of a dream of having our own sustainable business. It all started with six Wayuu bags we bought in Bogota, Colombia that then caused a commotion in our eBay store. After the posts went live, we sold all the Wayuu mochilas within the first hour! We then decided to invest our savings in our first 100 product collection.

In the last three years we have purchased over 3000 Wayuu products directly from local producers.

What it all means

At the beginning of all, we did not understand the significance of Wayuu Mochila Bags and the Wayuu. With time, we learned the real value of each of these pieces and what they represent.

Above all Wayuu women are avid weavers; they inherit their art from their ancestors. Besides, the vast majority of tribeswomen and a growing number of tribesmen actively produce  woven or crochet goods. Simultaneously, the Wayuu produce millions of items a year that help them sustain their economy. Particularly, being able to make quality Wayuu Mochila Bags could save a family from starvation.

  Each Wayuu product and pattern inherited and inspired by dreams could mean school supplies for a child, warm food for the family, shoes, clothes, or water.

The Wayuu are special

What makes the Wayuu and their industry so incredible is, first of all, their great sense of creativity and the ability to connect with the fashion world. Regardless of all the hardships the Wayuu continuously face, the artisans put all of their best effort to make every piece special. Each Wayuu Mochila Bag is destined to find its person, so we invite you to try and find yours! Each one unique like you!

Be different! Be unique! Be Wayuu!