About Us

Who makes part of Wayuu Mochila Bags?

Hi! Welcome to our Website. We are Wayuu Mochila Bags, a family owned retail business based in the United States and Colombia.

We want to share the beauty of these bags with the world as we bring awareness of the Wayuu people of Colombia. This will surely help to preserve their culture for many generations to come!

By actively traveling and directly interacting with Wayuu families and small businesses, we reach and positively affect many people. Our employees come from different regions of Colombia and the United States.

Our team works hard every day, striving for rapid growth while also creating a fantastic company.

We promise to bring you the highest quality Wayuu Mochila Bags available!

With your support, our company will grow rapidly, and the Wayuu will be able to continue building their autochthonous culture.

When you buy a bag, various communities across the Americas benefit along the way. As of today, we are shipping worldwide and are reaching customers internationally.

Wayuu bags weaved by Wayuu indigenous people from La Guajira Colombia

What are Wayuu Mochila Bags?

Wayuu Mochilas are hand crocheted bags, handmade by an indigenous tribe that resides in the northern peninsula of South America. Wayuu Mochila Bags are for every day, every outfit, and every personality! Surely, we can consider these handmade pieces of art as some of the most extraordinary bags made around the world.Read more…

Who are the Wayuu and how are you helping?

The indigenous people that make these beautiful fashion items have lived in the desert for centuries. Most importantly, their culture and traditions have survived endless struggles to bring us an exquisite variety of fashion-forward products.  Wayuu women are hardworking entrepreneurs who sustain their families through the making of artisan products like Wayuu Mochila Bags. Every dollar you spend benefits Wayuu communities throughout the Colombian region. Read more…

How are Wayuu bags made?

Wayuu Mochila Bags are made using a wide variety of crocheting and weaving techniques. The Wayuu weavers treat each piece as a canvas, bringing out their passion and heart into each bag they create. They learn how to create different pattern combinations at a very early age. Weaving particularly makes part of the most important cultural practices in the Wayuu society. Wayuu people try to tell a personal story in each of their products, they make every single item unique and special.Read more…