Wayuu Mochila Bags are crocheted bags, handmade by a native tribe that lives in the northern peninsula of South America, the Wayuu. Most of the weavers are women, but men also make these beautiful fashion items. Indeed, the population of male Wayuu weavers increased in the last ten years.

For the most part, Wayuu artisans use a wide variety of crocheting techniques to recreate the very intricate patterns in their mochila bags. Additionally, they use other weaving techniques. Though the Wayuu bag is trendy, they make a wide variety of products.

wayuu mochila bags

A durable acrylic material makes up 99% of Wayuu bags. Rarely though, the Wayuu get a hold of nylon or cotton to weave the purses. The use of acrylic is not deliberate; the Wayuu need something extremely durable to withstand the sun, the sand, and the very long trips they take.

You can easily wash and clean these bags at home in the washing machine.   Wayuu Mochila Bags are for every day, every outfit, and every personality! Surely, we can consider these handmade pieces of art as some of the most amazing purses you can find around the world.

How Important  are Wayuu Bags for The Wayuu

First, we come to know the Wayuu culture to understand what these Wayuu Mochila bags mean to their way of life. The Wayuu live in the desert and do not count with many resources to survive. They survive this harsh environment though,  now, their language; thus, their culture is in danger to go extinct. The making of Wayuu Bags is not just another task for women; it is a way of life and another way to preserve their culture.

From a very early age, crocheting becomes a way of artistic expression. Then, young girls learn to weave as a way to tell their story. Through forms of weaving-meditation, the Wayuu seek spiritual enlightenment and a connection with their ancestors.

Wayuu society has high expectations of women; they teach them many rituals throughout their childhood.  Such cultural rituals cultivate maturity and wisdom within each female, as the women grow to become entrepreneurs, shamans, and politicians.

For many, making Wayuu Mochila bags becomes the source of their primary income. Furthermore, the Wayuu’s dedication to preserving their cultural heritage contributes to driving revenue, support, and well-being throughout the region.

How are Wayuu Mochila Bags Made?

Consequently, we must discuss how they create the Wayuu Mochila bags by hand. The Wayuu handcraft this high-quality product using acrylic threads. The artisans popularly make the bags one of two ways: Weaving with a single thread or with a double thread.

Single Thread Wayuu Mochila Bags

The delicate purses take more time, as the thinner yarn does not compare to the double-strand. They can achieve breathtaking intrinsic designs, only possible in these mochilas. Thus, single thread Wayuu Mochila bags can take as long as two months to make.

Double Thread Wayuu Mochila Bags

These crochet handmade bags can take as much as two weeks. Indeed, the weaving process varies from artisan to artisan. At the same time, these beautiful, colorful bags, display Wayuu designs that require long working hours, and lots of precision.

Traditional Solid Color Wayuu Bags

The solid color purses take less time, as they do not actively exchange the thread as they crochet.

Double Thread Mini Wayuu mochila bags

These cute cellphone bags take the least amount of time as they are considerably small.

How Can We Contribute to Wayuu Culture?

In this case, the Wayuu women spend many hours, every day, in the oppressive heat off the coast of Colombia; forgotten along the Caribbean Sea. They work sewing these, one of a kind, Wayuu Mochila bags. Admittedly, not many artisans can craft such beauty out of a hobo style bag. Wayuu artisans carry an ancient weaving tradition.

The tribesman and women see their predecessors and peers making artisan goods throughout their lifetimes. Their carefully nurtured talent comes from years of dedication, culture, and craftsmanship — unity in one language, Wayuunaiky, and a rich weaving tradition.

How can you not fall in love with this incredible culture and people? The best part is that through fashion, they connected to us. Indeed, Without these Wayuu Mochila bags, many artisans would not have resources to survive and thrive.

The colorful Wayuu crafts bring happiness to all parts of the globe. It is a privilege to help pass on their tradition to countries of all origins and backgrounds. This team actively wants to bring anyone who wants to be part of the Wayuu world. Carry their story with you, wear their beautiful Wayuu Mochila bags.

Check out Wayuu Mochila Bags’ Online Store here. Most importantly, every dollar you spend contributes to the sustainability of these exceptional artisans.

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