Pink Wayuu Bags!

Certainly, pink Wayuu Bags are beautiful delicate pieces that could be easily paired with many of your everyday outfits. Further,  pink represents women’s femininity and sweetness, it is often associated with tenderness and love.  Too, women look wonderful in pink, a color that shows the essence of a woman.

Wayuu Women

Most importantly for the Wayuu are the women in the society.  Women are at the center of many aspects in the Wayuu communities. Most of them become entrepreneurs and artisans. Thus, a majority of Wayuu economies depend upon the woman’s work, many times making the beautiful Wayuu Bags.

The Wayuu give women the very important task of preserving their millenary culture. Their teachings and traditions are passed on through the women of the clans. Accordingly, small children learn and acquire many skills through the teachings of their mothers.

As a matter of fact, the Wayuu are one of the few indigenous communities able to survive in South America. Their resilience is admirable. In particular, women in the Wayuu world have worked very hard to maintain their cultural background while trying to foster friendly relationships with people of the surrounding areas. Therefore, the commercialization of Wayuu Mochila Bags has brought the community prosperity and has allowed them to join the competitive world economy through the internet.


To bring to light, the Wayuu artisan women often come up with different variations of their Wayuu Mochila Bags. Thus, they are continuously inspired by each other’s creativity, and they push each other to construct better products and develop a wide variety of color patterns and designs.


One of our favorite Wayuu Mochila color combinations for the fall is the Traditional Pink combination! These colors work great with all your boho-chic, retro outfits, and distressed jeans.


In honor of all the women around the world , we have put some outfits together wearing the very timeless and feminine color PINK.

Pink Chevron Wayuu Bag

Wayuu Bags

Keep it simple and classy for an afternoon in the town wearing your Wavy Pink Wayuu Mochila Bag. Next, pick an airy pastel color shirt, pair it with some distressed jeans and some cute pink peep-toe booties.












Solid Cream and PinkWayuu Bags Wayuu Bag

Look darling wearing a solid color brown Wayuu Mochila Bag paired with a bright color lacy dress. Then, wear some dangling earrings and cowboy boots to finish the look.  














Pink MiniWayuu Bags

Finally, pick a pink Mini Wayuu Mochila Bag for a night on the town. It is perfect to carry your essential items like your wallet, phone, keys, and lipstick! Pair it with a short dress and booties for a stunning but effortless look.


















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