Outfit Inspirations – Earth Colors

Earth colors are chic, easy to accessorize and pair with your favorite wardrobe items. Wayuu Mochila Bags come in different combinations of browns, beige, black,  cream, and off-white colors.

You can wear these beautiful handbags with some simple and comfy summer dresses, some interesting sandals, and colorful accessories that accentuate the red and yellow tones of the Wayuu Mochila Bags.

There are very special patterns in every Wayuu Mochila Bag you see. Most of these patterns are a direct representation of the Wayuu world. They use the patterns to show everyone their favorite food, tree, activity, animal, family pride, and practically every aspect of the fauna and flora surrounding their land.

Wayuu people live sustainably with nature. They trust their land to give them many of the resources they use to preserve their way of life. Living in harmony with the desertous weather conditions has made them resilient and adaptable, allowing them to survive as one of the biggest indigenous communities in the Americas.

We have picked some of our beautiful bags to inspire your everyday outfits. Simple pairings that will look amazing accompanied by a unique and special piece of Wayuu art.


 Outfit 2 FBlog 2

For a noteworthy and interesting look, pick a Wayuu Mochila Bag with an intricate pattern. Pair it up with a simple white or off white summer dress, a sun hat, some interesting bracelet, and some knee-length gladiator sandals.Outfit 1 FBlog 2

A long effortless white or off white dress will pair fabulously with a dark brown Wayuu Mochila Bag. This lacy long dress is elegant and airy, perfect for the summer.The straps could give you your accent colors; pick reds and oranges to complement the warmth in the brown. Pair it with earthy colorful accessories, some comfy wedges, and long earrings for a boho feel.Outfit 3 FBlog 2

Pick Wayuu Mochila Bags with traditional patterns to pair up with different kinds of chambray items. Try it with a short chambray dress with some black strappy sandals. Then you can add simple sophisticated accessories like sunglasses and an oversized ring that will make you look beautiful and feeling comfy.


Feel fabulous and chic wearing one of these beautiful Wayuu Mochila Bags. Complete a comfy and effortless look by complementing the colors in your bag with like-color accessories and strappy wedges.

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