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Don’t be afraid of patterns! Pairing Wayuu Bags

Wayuu bags show incredible craftsmanship. The expertise of each craftswoman is appreciated in the elaborate unique patterns they employ to build the purses. We can talk about two major categories; Double Thread Wayuu Mochila Bags and Single Thread Wayuu Mochila Bags.

First, we have Single Thread Wayuu Bags at the pinnacle of Wayuu craftsmanship. The earliest, centuries old Wayuu bags, crocheted with just one single thread, allowed them to make every stitch remarkably small. Such tiny stitches allow for the most intricate patterns and designs to be displayed on these unique purses. Every special item conveys a deep connection to the identity and the life of the artisan.   

Furthermore, the ingenious Wayuu artisans, whose desire to join the economy through their art motivated the creation of a fashion line for the common people. Double Thread Wayuu Bags. The Wayuu just made another loop to crochet with a double thread.  Thus,  It took double the amount of material to build these bags, but it cut the work-time in a half. These Wayuu bags also display beautiful and very colorful unique patterns. 


The team has put together some outfits and tips that will show you how you can mix different prints and look amazing!


No doubt, when matching two patterns, ensure they share at least one of the colors. Start pairing subtle tones and then try to venture into more colorful prints.




In addition, stripes, zebra, and leopard prints could be considered neutrals, so go ahead and pick any other pattern to compliment your outfit. You can also pick a predominant color and compliment it with a neutral one.


Finally, when you just have too many prints to play with, try to keep consistency with some of the colors throughout. Wear small prints and soft prints as neutrals.



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