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5 Things to Love About a Mini Mochila Bag

5 Things to Love About a Mini Mochila Bag Ever since I got my mini mochila bag I’ve gotten nothing but compliments. People have expressed their love for the vibrant colors, patterns, and intricate crochet designs. Not only does the mini mochila bags help the Wayuu people of Colombia, but they look amazing with almost every […]

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Meet the beach bag every fashion girl should own banner pink and blue

Meet the beach bags every fashion girl must own!

Wayuu beach bags tell a story When you carry a Wayuu Bag, you have a story to tell. You own a unique piece of art that was born in somebody’s dream. These beach bags are all different; no one is like another. Each Wayuu bag bears the identity of the artisan that created it. Piece […]

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A body of a woman displaying a red checkered shirt, a black duster, blue jeans, and black booties; paired with a grey, black and beige pattern Wayuu Bag.

Don’t be afraid of patterns! Pairing Wayuu Bags

Outfit Inspirations Don’t be afraid of patterns! Pairing Wayuu Bags Wayuu bags show incredible craftsmanship. The expertise of each craftswoman is appreciated in the elaborate unique patterns they employ to build the purses. We can talk about two major categories; Double Thread Wayuu Mochila Bags and Single Thread Wayuu Mochila Bags. First, we have Single […]

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Wayuu People … What to Know

The Wayuu Who are they? While you may know a little bit about the fascinating Wayuu people already, there is so much more to learn. They are the makers of the colorful Wayuu Mochila Bags. They have been weaving and crocheting for centuries now. So how has their culture allowed them to do such an […]

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Our Customer Survey

  TAKE OUR SURVEY HERE   It is official. We are launching a cool promotion! If you have purchased a Mochila from us in the past; you are eligible for our first Free Mochila give away! We will be giving our first free Wayuu Mochila July 15th for purchases in April, May, and June. A 30-second […]

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How do you clean a Wayuu Bag?

How do you clean a Wayuu Bag? Everything we buy is bound to get dirty at some point. Wayuu Bags are not the exception, thus is important to know how to care properly for whatever you buy. Wayuu bags are very easy to keep up with. You’ll be able to show off your bright and brilliant bag for […]

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Free Shipping to USA

  Free Shipping on all United States orders and only $25 for international!

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