Above all, each Wayuu bag is a unique work of art, created as the result of hundreds of years of weaving tradition. All mochilas are different because, through geometric figures, the Wayuu express their perception of the world and their intimate relationship with nature. Each mochila has a different story to tell.

Nobody ever will have the same bag as you, even if yours is a solid color Wayuu Bag. The purses have unique crochet patterns, developed by every one of these skilled artisans. For the Wayuu people weaving is a way to show the world their intelligence, creativity, and wisdom. Wayuu Mochilas characterized themselves through their varied colors and the complexity of the techniques used to make them.

Mochilas are the ultimate expression of the Wayuú crocheting art. They are easily recognizable by their colors and designs. These particular mochilas are made in crochet, as a result of the teachings of the Spanish catholic nuns that lived in the Americas during colonial times. The development of each piece can take up to 21 days depending of the kind and size; some can take months or years to make!

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