MTypes of Wayuu Bags Double thread wayuu bags single thread wayuu bagsost “Wayuu Gurus” would divide Wayuu bags into two broad categories; Single Thread Wayuu Bags and Double Thread Wayuu Bags.

In short, Single Thread Wayuu Bags are made using only one thread of the acrylic yarn to crochet the patterns. In particular, Single Thread Wayuu bags have extraordinarily intricate designs that sometimes could take months to crochet. This premium bag, considered the traditional Wayuu bag, tells a personal story related to the very essence of the artisan.

Nowadays, our team often has trouble finding these rare bags. Provided the amount of work necessary to complete the items, the Wayuu only crochet single thread bags for themselves or individual buyers. You can sometimes find amazing designs that you will never see again.

Double Thread Wayuu Bags were born out of the ingenuity, creativity, and entrepreneurial spirit of Wayuu Women. The need for the Wayuu Tribe to join the local economy, motivated the women to sell their products in local markets. Nobody understood the complexity of the work.  Also, merchants did not want to pay fair prices for the bags. Thus the  Wayuu weavers started looping the yarn around their big toe and were able to crochet in half the time using a double thread.

At the moment, Double Thread Wayuu Bags have transcended the boundaries of Colombia. They are the most Popular Wayuu Bags and the best most unique durable beach bag you will ever own! Besides, with your support, Wayuu communities will continue this amazing work.

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