Wayuu Mochila Bags Wayuu Bags Wayuu tribeWayuu Bags have become popularly recognized as colorful crochet crossbody bags with intricate and unique patterns.

Wayuu is the name of the Tribe; Mochila means backpack or purse in Spanish. The Latino community calls these purses “Wayuu Mochilas.” Artisans of the Wayuu Tribe use a variety of crocheting and weaving techniques to make these bags, each of them unique. Altogether, Wayuu Mochila Bags are handcrafted in the villages of the Wayuu tribe.

Although the vast majority of the artisans are women, men participate in the weaving process making straps and such.   While you might have not already spotted them yet, you will soon start seeing them at the mall or work, at the pool or the beach. Without a doubt, these crochet bags have transcended the boundaries of the Guajira Desert, Colombia.

Nowadays, we find ordinary to famous people parading these colorful purses amongst the most populated cities around the world. Consequently, Wayuu bags have become a beacon of hope and progress for many families from the Wayuu tribe. Today, a large percentage of the community depends upon the complex economy surrounding these amazing Wayuu Mochila Bags.

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