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(7-Pack)-Wayuu Single Thread Bracelet -1.5 cm – Handmade Colombian Product – Finest Quality – 86-1-11

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Each Wayuu bag is a unique work of art, created as the result of hundreds of years of weaving tradition. All Wayuu Mochila Bags are different because, through geometric figures, artisans of the Wayuu Tribe express their perception of the world and their intimate relationship with nature. Our product team travels to La Guajira, Colombia to directly get each product from the hands of artisans and merchants. Our goal is to take these inspirational, unique products and make them available for everyone. Every item you purchase contributes to the growth and development of the Wayuu community.

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an assortment of Wayuu Bracelets potos of different color woven bracelets from the wayuu tribe

Single Thread Wayuu Bracelets

Our Packets of Wayuu Woven Bracelets are the perfect colorful gift for your friends and family. These bracelets are hand woven by artisans of the Wayuu Tribe. These are unique friendship bracelets designs you can sport with any outfit! add some to your cart!


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